Terms of service

Personal Data

The personal data we request is necessary to create your user account and manage the permissions according to the chosen formula and the consumption observed. We certify that no personal information will be transfered to third parties.
By signing up you agree to be contacted by the Open Street teams for various reasons (technical problems, commercial proposals, …).
Any user account created with false information violates these terms and conditions, and may be destroyed without delay.

Using the online service

By using our online service, you agree that we will record and process the data you transmit to us in order to optimize the route. You also agree that we will compile general statistics on the use of the service. You also agree that we may use a service that does not belong to us to deal anonymously with the data transmitted to us. If security and confidentiality is essential in your use of the service, please contact us to detail these conditions.
We undertake not to transfer the personal and geographical data that we receive, free of charge or for a fee, except for the necessary processing and for the smooth running of our services.

Intensive use and abuse

By visiting this website and benefiting from the features that are provided, you agree to use our services for occasional use linked to a real problematic route optimization. This defines our « fair use » policy.
Any intensive or diverted use of our online service as a means of geocoding or any other purpose other than its primary purpose is forbidden and will result in the closing of your access or the banning of your IP.