Here are the three pricing options available for our online web optimisation service : Invitee Access – Free, the Customer Account which is rechargeable, and the bundle package.


Guest access is free but is restricted in functionality, with the number of points per optimisation and in the number of daily optimisation processes. This is ideal if you intend to discover our service and verify if it corresponds to your professional issues.

The customer account allows you to use all the advanced features our service offers with technical support, while keeping the management of your account autonomous. Each optimisation will cost you a unit price that depends on the number of points, with a prices that range between 0.04 € (up to 10 points) and 3.40 € (up to 100 points). All this is of course detailed in your customer account, under the tab labeled «Prices».

The package deals are the most economical if you know your needs. You will be required contact us.