APIs allow you to use our optimization services within your own application. They are available in fixed or consumer packages.


If you are looking for a turnkey online service, rather than access to APIs, here. You can also view technical information about APIs here.

Json output of our tour optimizer API

API description

API is the software we provide, for use by IT developers who want to create a custom application. It becomes very easy to integrate our optimization technology into specific developments, without worrying about the complexity of the commercial traveler’s problem. They are useful to companies wishing to develop or have someone develop a customized application. Refer to the API documentation.

Two types of billing

Pay As You Go package, more flexible

If you do not really know the use you will make of our service, the pay as you go usage is more flexible because it makes it possible to fund your account and to debit it with each optimization realized. In this way you are in control of the budget you are allocating. Switching from one bundle to another is made on written request.

APIs are open and accessible to everyone by default on the pay as you go package. Hence you can create your customer account and your calculation account using our form or directly with the API. It will be necessary to fund your account to take advantage of the most advanced possibilities.

The packages, more economical and predictable

If you can determine in advance what your optimization consumption will be, the package has the advantage of offering a fixed and more attractive price for equal consumption. By choosing a package, we can foresee and scale our infrastructure accordingly to ensure that the service will not suffer from downturns.

To give you an idea, a package of 10 optimizations per day up to 20 points per optimization costs about thirty euros per month. Our prices are to be put into perspective with the savings in energy and time on these services! It will be necessary to contact us to switch to the package offer.